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Start-up information


Start-up information –
legal questions when starting up a new business

Starting up a new business is complex and leads through a maze of decisions. We have prepared a catalogue of questions for you which will enable you to take the best possible route.

• Entrepreneurial questions

  • Which legal form is the most favourable for my business?
  • Which assessment criteria are relevant for this?
  • What can/should be specially regulated in the Company contract?
  • What importance does the commercial property have for me or my business?
  • What protection is important for my business?
  • What obligations do I have as employer?
  • What do I have to note with regard to my previous working relationship?

• Questions relating to patents, designs, trademarks

  • Why do I need legal protection of industrial property rights?
  • When is the correct time to consider scope for protection?
  • I don’t have enough time to deal with these legal things. What can I do?
  • Industrial property rights are expensive, or?
  • Are there  promotion possibilities for patent applications?
  • What needs to be taken into account when selecting company, product or service names , internet domain and other identifications?
  • What does a search achieve?
  • What protection do I have by occupying an Internet Domain?
  • Are property rights such as trademarksvalid worldwide
  • Do my  inventions belong to my previous employer?
  • How do I design a licence agreement?
  • Can I also protect a design or a specific form?
  • How can I protect my newly developed software from pirate copy/piracy?

We shall be pleased to answer these and any other questions. Give us a call!

You can also find advice in other disciplines of setting up a new business (taxes, insurance, marketing, design, notaryship)  at our OISIO partners. A free self-check on setting up a business is also available there.