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Contract law

Through written contracts it is possible to adapt general legal provisions to personal requirements and minimize risks in this matter. This is particularly important when it is a question of long-term commitments and high economic effects, for example in the case of many licence agreements, distribution contracts, research and development contracts. However daily business – key word: general business conditions – should also be designed so that the risk to the company is as low as possible.

Commercial law provisions are particularly important among business people. Here the circle is completed by our particular knowledge in commercial and company law.

In the international area bilateral and multilateral agreements between various countries play a major role. The subjects of choice of law, type of dispute settlement, court of jurisdiction should be checked in each individual case and negotiated as a complete package. We are also able to do this for you in English and Spanish.

In contract law there is the risk of wanting to regulate everything – and thus possibly losing the acceptance of the contract partner. However the solution is always the main focus and this requires a balancing act: on the one hand the best possible protection should be achieved for the clients; on the other hand a prompt agreement is desired which is best achieved by dispensing with maximum requirements. It is therefore a question of achieving the greatest possible security in the fastest possible way.

When we prepare contracts, we take this into account even in the first draft. We then give detailed advice relating to risks, targets, individual options and feedback positions so that the client can make a decision on a solid basis of information. If required, we are naturally present in negotiations.

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