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Commercial law


Commercial law is the special law of business people. For the most part the regulations are found in the German Commercial  Code. It is closely related to company law.

The legislator assumes that legal business among business people should be transacted particularly rapidly and straightforwardly. Increased requirements are therefore imposed on business people which are reflected in a number of special provisions.  This should be taken into account when concluding contracts, when incorporating general business conditions but primarily when problems are notified.

Commercial law includes the law of the commercial representative and also distribution law and franchise law. In particular in these last two legal areas, international law is becoming increasingly important.

Relevant key words are for example:

  • Businessman status
  • Company name
  • Signing authority
  • Power of attorney
  • Commercial duty to notify defects
  • Commercial letter of confirmation
  • Trade representative claim for compensation
  • No-competition clause
  • Customer protection OHG, KG
  • Silent company
  • General business conditions

Your contact is Legal Attorney Priesmeyer, specialist attorney for commercial and company law.

Tobias Huber
Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht
Thomas Priesmeyer
Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht

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